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"Here's this wild store [of] violence and creativity and chaos..." - Flea

"The stories will kill your lawn and peel the paint off your car..." - Henry Rollins

"Harley is like the real deal. And I'm not saying that because he's my little brother and we came up together in this rock shit" - Darryl Jenifer



A documentary film...

Harley Flanagan is a Punk Rock/ Hardcore legend, known as a founding father of New York Hardcore and the founder of the pioneering band Cro-Mags. He has had a cult following since the 80s. 


While Harley's journey as a musician is certainly explored, the film centers on the lasting effects of neglect, sexual abuse, drugs, violence and the integration of PTSD into his present-day life. 


This is NOT a film about any particular genre of music- it's a film about an extraordinary life, of survival in extraordinary circumstances and against crazy odds.  


Harley was a child prodigy musician, raised by himself in the very adult world of Rock ’n Roll, as a touring musician by 9, surrounded by iconic artists like Andy Warhol, Debbie Harry, Joe Strummer, Alan Ginsburg, to name a few. Glamorous on the surface, his DNA is riddled with the trauma of abuse and sexual violence. 


This film tells the story of this unique journey as Harley talks to his friends throughout the film ( Flea, Henry Rollins, Roger Miret, Keith Morris, Daryl Jennifer, Michael Imperioli, Matt Sera, Jocko Willink,  Renzo Gracie the late Anthony Bourdain - to name a few), a layered, complex portrait of life in the late 70s/80s Punk and Hardcore scene set in the violent, drug-filled Lower East side emerges.  


Directed by Rex Miller 

Editor/Producer - Elisabeth Haviland James

Producer - Laura Lee Flanagan

"There [are] people... the punk scene didn't shape them, they shaped the punk scene. I would put him in that category" - Ian MacKaye

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